What Are Wheel Bearings?

At Master Muffler, we love to figure out why your car might be making strange and unusual noises. For example, if you’ve recently heard a strange noise while driving, you may be experiencing wheel bearings malfunctioning. What Are Ball Bearings? The wheel bearings on your car are sets of steel balls or tapers held together by a metal ring. They enable the car's wheels to rotate smoothly with minimal friction. These tiny but mighty [...]

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Signs of Transmission Failure

What Is Your Vehicle’s Transmission?  At the front of your vehicle, mounted to the chassis, is your Transmission. The transmission, in short, is what determines how much power goes to your wheels at a given speed.  How Does It Work?  Not unlike the gears on your bicycle, your transmission works by shifting through different gears depending on speed. The exact process of how this is done depends on your type of motor, manual or [...]

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Learning the Lingo: The Language of Driving

Licensed to Decipher As much as we anticipated all that we would experience once we finally got our driver's license as teenagers, we likely didn’t expect that we would essentially be learning a whole other language than the one that we already know. But driving a car forces us to not only allow this whole other set of words and symbols into our lives but expects us to speak it fluently as well. This [...]

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A Guide to Buying New Cars

Christmas All Year Round Buying a car is an exciting event that most of us only get to experience a few times in our lives. Thanks to advancements in technology that make our cars safer and help them last longer, the need to upgrade to a new vehicle — let alone a state-of-the-art one — simply doesn’t come around very often. And when we do need a new set of wheels, it’s off to [...]

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The Basics of Engine Oil

Times, They Are a-Changin’ As time goes on, two things become clear about America and its vehicles: our cars remain as important to our daily lives and to our identity as ever, but our relationship with them has changed as they’ve evolved.  No longer do we belong to a generation where parents and children could bond in the garage by taking apart and reassembling the family vehicle. Cars are simply too advanced and the [...]

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Understanding Your Transmission

In driving, as well as in life, no two roads are the same. A car traveling up a mountain will need to exert more energy than a car driving on a straight road, while a car tilting the speedometer at 100 miles per hour will act differently than one simply going 25 miles per hour. Wherever the roads of our lives will take us, our cars must be ready to conduct us there safely [...]

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The Standard of Safety

Driving a car is a great privilege but it also comes with great responsibility. Each time we get behind the wheel we pledge to promote safety as much as possible. At least, that’s what we promised to do when we got our driver’s license. The goal of zero fatalities is one that we must all work towards every day, from the new drivers to the car repair technicians, to the car manufacturers and the [...]

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The Top 5 Most Common Car Issues

In a world of uncertainty, there are only a handful of things that can be counted on completely; car repairs are among them. When it comes to car repairs, the expertise of technicians like those at the Sandy Master Muffler can keep a vehicle going longer without a problem. The Top 10 Car Problems Preventative measures can only work for so long, however, as we live in this world of entropy. Eventually, death will [...]

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The Importance of Replacing Your Filters

There is an unfortunate perspective that auto technicians, in general, will utilize unsavory tactics in order to drive up the price of their customer’s bill. In fairness, it can certainly seem this way when you go in to have your oil changed and you leave having paid for three other things that you didn’t know were “right on the edge” of becoming a problem. Perhaps the components most indicative of this phenomenon are the [...]

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Back to Basics: Learning the Brake System

Just as important to the operation of a car is not only how it goes, but also how it stops. In fact, for those in an emergency situation on a busy street, very few things matter at that point apart from whether or not the car can stop. The development and innovation of a reliable braking system have been a priority for car manufacturers for over a hundred years, and for good reason; a [...]

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