Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

Auto Tune Up

When pulling a new car off the lot, the car owner leaves with the responsibility to keep the vehicle properly maintained. This determines how well it will run and for how long. As miles accrue, filters, belts, spark plugs, and fluids need to be replaced. A comprehensive tune up addresses all such issues. It is recommended that car owners have their cars tuned-up every 10,000-20,000 for optimal performance.

Are Tune Ups Necessary?

This is a question we receive often. The answer is a resounding, yes. If too much time elapses between tune up inspections, even newer vehicles can start performing like higher-mileage vehicles. Difficulty starting the engine, strange noise, reduced braking capacity, and reduced fuel mileage are just some of the results of poor maintenance. Moreover, you will begin to see the dreaded warning lights illuminate your dashboard as one thing after the next falls into poor automotive health. If it has been a while since your car has been inspected by an experienced Utah mechanic, bring it to Master Muffler Sandy. We will do a comprehensive tune up inspection, addressing and repairing any issues we find along the way.

Does something feel wrong?

Getting the most performance out of your car requires attentive care. That is exactly what we provide. Come visit us for a tune-up.

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Full Service Tuneup

Replacing spark plugs

Here is what you can expect from a Master Muffler Sandy tune up:

  • Change the Spark Plugs
  • Change the Fuel Filter
  • Replace the Distributor Cap (if needed)
  • Check spark plug wires (replace if needed)
  • Check the belts (replace if needed)
  • Check the battery
  • Check oxygen sensors (replace if needed)
  • Replace the air filter (if needed)
  • Replace the PCV valve (if needed)
  • Change the distributor rotor (older model vehicles)
  • Check the Coil or Coil packs (replace if needed)
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